Microsoft Azure SDK for Mac.


Thanks for installing the Microsoft Azure SDK for Mac.
To get started, just type `azure` in a new Terminal window.
If you ever need to uninstall, type `azure-uninstall` from a Terminal window.
Please make sure that /usr/local/bin/ is in your $PATH.
Thanks,The Microsoft Azure Team





$ azure

info:             _    _____   _ ___ ___

info:            /_\  |_  / | | | _ \ __|

info:      _ ___/ _ \__/ /| |_| |   / _|___ _ _

info:    (___  /_/ \_\/___|\___/|_|_\___| _____)

info:       (_______ _ _)         _ ______ _)_ _

info:              (______________ _ )   (___ _ _)


info:    Microsoft Azure: Microsoft’s Cloud Platform


info:    Tool version 0.9.13


help:    Display help for a given command

help:      help [options] [command]


help:    Log in to an Azure subscription using Active Directory or a Microsoft account identity.

help:      login [options]


help:    Log out from Azure subscription using Active Directory. Currently, the user can log out only via Microsoft organizational account

help:      logout [options] [username]


help:    Open the portal in a browser

help:      portal [options]


help:    Commands:

help:      account        Commands to manage your account information and publish settings

help:      config         Commands to manage your local settings

help:      hdinsight      Commands to manage HDInsight clusters and jobs

help:      mobile         Commands to manage your Mobile Services

help:      network        Commands to manage your networks

help:      sb             Commands to manage your Service Bus configuration

help:      service        Commands to manage your Cloud Services

help:      site           Commands to manage your Web Sites

help:      sql            Commands to manage your SQL Server accounts

help:      storage        Commands to manage your Storage objects

help:      vm             Commands to manage your Virtual Machines


help:    Options:

help:      -h, –help     output usage information

help:      -v, –version  output the application version


help:    Current Mode: asm (Azure Service Management)