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Top Provider Poll 2013-Q4 — The Results

Top Provider Poll 2013-Q4 — The Results

Tags:   Date/Time:  January 23, 2014 @ 3:31 am, by Maarten Kossen

Update (1/26/2014): QuickPacket offer added.

Ladies and gentlemen: the moment has come! The votes have been counted, the results have been checked, and the winners have sent in the offers. The results for the Top Provider Poll 2013-Q4 are finally here!

First of all, let me all thank you very much for voting! The quarterly provider poll is a fun event in which we can all show some appreciation to the hosts we like the most. It’s been an on-going tradition and it always brings me great joy that so many of you vote. So, thank you again!

This poll was different than the last ones. Previously, you got to pick a number 1, number 2, and number 3 provider. These providers were awarded points accordingly: each number 1 vote earned the provider 3 points, each number 2 vote earned the provider 2 points, and each number 3 vote earned the provider 1 point. Unfair, thought I. You should be able to divide those points yourself! Because of that, each member got 5 votes to distribute amongst providers as they wished. Basically like dot-voting without the stickies and the whiteboard. Some gave a provider 5 points, others distributed them amongst providers. All in all, a nice, flexible, and honest system. I’m going to continue with this in the future!

So, on to the results. By popular demand, I have listed the top 10 right here! Most of the hosts have sent in a special offers to share their love with the LowEndCommunity. Enjoy these offers while you can, because some are limited either by quantity or by duration!

And the winner is…

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Connections sql simultanées

C’est la différence majeure entre les différentes offres d’hebergement mutualisé. Mais à quoi cela se référer ?

Exemple ovh :

Offre PERSO = Nombre de connexions simultanées 30
Offre PRO = Nombre de connexions simultanées 30
Offre BUSINESS = Nombre de connexions simultanées 30
Offre PREMIUM = Nombre de connexions simultanées 30


basic : 3 Connexions SQL simultanées
pro : 20 Connexions SQL simultanées
illimité : 50 Connexions SQL simultanées

Voici un debat forum (



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