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Comprehensive Guide on Setting up « dns » on a Linode LEMP Stack

Completion and Additional Tasks

Your VPS is now configured and your website is up and running. I mentioned previously that I would not consider this a production ready environment just yet.

See the articles below for additional tutorial on server hardening and best practices.

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Free CDN pour quoi faire ?

Quand je dis pour quoi faire, je veux dire qu’est ce que je peux faire avec un cdn free, comparativement à ce qu’offrent les gros comme akamai ou edgecast, cloudfront ?
Looking for a similar plugin but for commercial CDNs like Akamai, Limelight, EdgeCast, Amazon and so on? CDN Rewrites to the rescue!

For busy websites, using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to transfer static content such as images, javascripts, stylesheets, Flash etc. is highly recommended (as listed in Yahoo!’s Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site) as it reduces server load and bandwidth thus improves stability and availability.

There is a catch – Commerical CDN’s like Akamai and Limelight are not cheap at all. Good news, we have an exception however – the free, P2P-based CoralCDNallows us to take full advantage of a powereful CDN without spending a dime. How to use it? Well, basically, just append `` to the hostname of any URL, and that URL will be handled by Coral – simple.

This plugin takes that simplicity one step further (or closer?) by rewriting your static files’ URL’s (JavaScripts, CSS, images etc.) so that they are served from Coral servers instead of your own. You don’t have to touch anything! Just enable it, and boom! your static contents are handled with care by Coral’s powerful server clusters.

If you are paying bandwidth fee, this plugin hopefully helps with your bills. Even if you don’t, enabling it may save your site in peak times.


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