Desk PM-The Publishing Machine 2.3-Mac OSX

Desk PM-The Publishing Machine 2.3-Mac OSX | 19.77 MBDesk PM-The Publishing Machine. The award-winning product that’s helped thousands publish more blog posts! All Desk products are built with the same underlying quality codebase and user experience. Desk PM (Publishing Machine): The original product with both Markdown and WYSIWYG publishing.Publish to your own Blog– WordPress (self-hosted and .com)- Blogger / *****- Tumblr- Squarespace (Post via Email)- Evernote- Facebook NotesFocus on what matters the most and remove everything else.– Clean, simple, and a true distraction-free interface- Typewriter Mode for the serious focus- Themes and styles including font treatments, style, size, and column width- Use our streamlined WYSIWYG editor or Markdown.- Shortcuts for maximum speed (Formatting, Publishing, and more)- Assortment of writing modes and visual styles (Full-Screen, Transparency, Day & Night, Font and Text Treatments, Responsive Layouts, Floating)Whether you’re on the go or connected to a fiber line you’ll be ready when inspiration strikes.– Save your work locally with powerful « Offline » mode- iCloud integration for maximum portability- Automatic backups (Autosave) while you write (iCloud and Offline)Publish your work to multiple blogs, platforms, and more. Edit existing posts with ease!– Access, edit, and update existing posts and drafts- Schedule posts for later publishing- Post Formats for WordPress and Tumblr- Drag-and-drop images, add captions- Support for embedded media (YouTube, Vimeo and more coming soon)- Integration with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Squarespace, Evernote, and Facebook Notes- Custom features for each publishing platform (e.g. Featured images, categories, tags, custom slugs/URLs, labels, and more)- « Quick Publishing » for even greater speed- Preview mode with real-time updatingYour content, your way.– Intuitive new Preview Mode- Real-time meta information (Character and word count, Time to Read, Writing Mode)- Search and replace, dictation, spelling, grammar, and more- Powerful use of native OS X capabilities- Export as HTML, RTF, PDF, DOCX, TXT, MDWhat’s New in Version 2.3:– Receiving and updating the published posts from Evernote blog- WordPress: « Live Preview » in addition to « Open in Browser »Requirements: 64-bit processor, OS X 10.10 or later.


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